A better future for all

Derbyshire UNISON is the largest trade union branch in the region with over 10,000 members in local authorities, schools and colleges, charities, private companies and others providing public services. We organise to protect what workers have won in the past and for a better future for all.

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The government is turning back the clock to when those who could afford services paid for them and those who couldn’t went without. UNISON members repair and clean roads and walkways, staff libraries and leisure centres, allocate and repair social housing, maintain parks and other open spaces. 

​our services

Sadly, scammers are still active in Derbyshire during this crisis. A recent one claims to be about free school meals. You shouldn't respond to any text or email on this issue that clearly doesn't come from the county council.

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our children

UNISON represents all school and college support staff, youth workers, children’s centre and nursery workers and administrative staff. UNISON members play a vital role in our children’s education in Derbyshire from birth to adolescence and beyond.

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UNISON members work in old peoples’ and children’s homes, as home carers, social workers and jobs associated with providing care for those in society who rely on others to assist them. UNISON represents care workers in the public, private and voluntary sectors.