Watch our 2017 video about Stars in our Schools

Return here regularly for details of Derbyshire UNISON's programme for 2023 events for our Stars in our Schools celebration day.

IN 2022...

Watch our 2021 Hidden Hero Sue Lindsey

It takes a whole team to make a school a safe and happy place for children to learn. But many of you are tucked away behind the scenes – the unsung heroes of our children’s education. Each year we hold award ceremonies, special assemblies and tea parties in schools across the UK to say “thanks for all you do”. In 2022. Friday 25 November was that day. This is what we did in Derbyshire.

Derbyshire UNISON representatives visited 60 schools across the county between 21 and 25 November from Glossop in the north to Newhall in the south. Thanks to all those members able to take a few minutes out of their extremely busy days to say hello and, where necessary, ask for help and support.
The highlight of the week was our visit to Melbourne Junior School where Sarah Farmer was presented with a UNISON Hidden Heroes award for her hard work and dedication to the children within her school.
Stars in our Schools and Hidden heroes are annual events. Make sure your school is involved next year. In fact, contact us now to set the ball rolling early!
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